Executive Coaching

specialising in one-on-one coaching for leaders within organisations

Our Mission

To help leaders be their best and achieve their goals. To help organisations maximise their potential to succeed.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of deep listening, in bringing a measured balance of challenge, support and trust and in providing a confidential, safe environment to work through thoughts and ideas.

Our Specialist Areas

Leadership, Communication and Organisational Coaching

Workplace Maternity Coaching

Transition and Career Coaching

High Potential Coaching Programmes

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Executive Coaching Firm

Tracy Dedman Coaching was founded by Tracy, who left her senior leadership role within a large corporation to pursue her passion, investing in people and developing them to their full potential.

It was founded to help individuals and organisations be better at who they are and what they do. Since its inception, it has grown from serving a few small clients to empowering and transforming individuals at senior levels of large organisations.

We use contemporary coaching practices to define goals, structure both the internal chatter and external influences, reflect on that accordingly, and take measurable action.

We coach our clients both in person and via video conference.