Maternity Coaching

Ensuring smooth transitions to and from work

Returning to work after a period of maternity leave can be extremely challenging in many ways.

The objectives of maternity coaching in the workplace are two-fold:

Who is maternity coaching for?

Maternity Coaching is an exceptional tool for senior female leaders returning to work after an extended leave following the birth or adoption of their child.

Driving Sustainable Change and Supporting

Maternity coaching programmes can be used to build an internal sustainable coaching and mentorship programme, creating support through internal role models and coach mentors.

Research shows women returning to work who get a strong handle on managing their new schedules as both parent and women with careers have a renewed sense of career and often experience an upward trajectory in their career ladder, if guided and supported sufficiently during the initial challenging months.

Our Approach

A typical breakdown of how we will spend our time with a maternity coaching client

How can maternity coaching help?

For the organisation, it can help to

  • stem the exodus of women from the workplace post maternity leave
  • support diversity numbers at a senior level
  • act as a retention and attraction tool for female candidates

For the individual, it offers

  • unrivalled, impartial support at a time when you may be dealing with many conflicting and challenging emotions
  • a framework to help focus on new objectives and choices
  • improved preparation and planning process
  • a confidence building process at a time when confidence can be eroded

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