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High Potential Coaching

Investing in your talent to take high performers to the next level

Who is high potential coaching for?

This is typically the coaching of junior / middle managers with the objective of developing and preparing them for more senior leadership roles.

We have designed HIPO coaching programmes with a specific focus on an organisation’s leadership values and behaviours, incorporating them into the programme itself. We can design a programme to fit the HIPO candidates within your organisation.

Our Approach

A typical breakdown of how we will spend our time with a high potential coaching client

One tripartite meeting to establish objectives with line manager and coaching counterpart

8 1-1 coaching sessions

2 1-1 leadership values / behaviours sessions

2 1-1 sessions with line managers / key stakeholder

Incorporation of organisations leadership metrics

Individually created improvement indicator to measure results

360 DISC™ suite of reports available for leadership behavioural assessment

Unlimited email support for the duration of the coaching engagement

Begin your leadership journey today.

How can high potential coaching help?

For the individual, it can

  • give them recognition of their capability and potential
  • create safe place to discuss concerns and try on new ideas
  • help overcome barriers in thinking and behaviour

For the organisation, it

  • breeds a coaching culture amongst new leaders
  • gives rising talent an accelerated career progression
  • builds the future leadership pipeline
  • builds passion, loyalty and productivity with your top performers