Executive Coaching | Tracy Dedman Coaching, New Zealand
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Executive Coaching

Helping leaders be their best and achieve their goals

What is Executive Coaching?

Put quite simply, executive coaching is a conversation with purpose. Its key objective is to help executives to reach their goals effectively. The output of these conversations is self-initiated action and over time these actions, together with the insight derived from the conversations, drive sustainable change.

This is a simplistic way of explaining what is very often a transformational experience for individuals and the organisations they work for.

Transformational Change Areas



Executive Presence

Strategic Thinking


Succeeding in a New Role

Who is executive coaching for?

Executive coaching is an excellent tool for high performing leaders with drive to succeed.

It can be for a leader at any stage of her role or career. This is typically a tool given to leaders to help them bridge the gaps between where they are, and where they need to be.

How can executive coaching help?

For the individual, it can

  • externalise problems to reframe their thinking
  • drive transformational change
  • create a mindset shift
  • develop decision making skills
  • highlight new opportunities and ways of working
  • build self-confidence
  • create sustainable behavioural change
  • develop leaders as coaches themselves

For the organisation it provides

  • the chance to demonstrate your investment in talent
  • a much higher ROI than training as it integrates the learning into your daily life
  • a bridge between the ‘knowing doing’ gap in ways that training never can
  • decrease in senior development costs
  • increase in senior staff retention
  • improvement in productivity
  • a high performance and learning culture

Our Approach

A typical breakdown of how we will spend our time with an executive coaching client

One tripartite meeting to establish objectives with line manager and coaching counterpart

10 coaching sessions

2 sessions with line managers / key stakeholder

Incorporation of organisations leadership metric (optional)

Individually created improvement indicator to measure results (optional)

360 DISC™ suite of reports available for leadership behavioural assessment

Unlimited email support for the duration of the coaching engagement

Begin your leadership journey today.