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About executive coach Tracy

Tracy Dedman is an experienced executive coach with ICF accredited training, who coaches executives in leadership, transitional change, workplace maternity planning and team dynamics. She has held regional leadership positions in global businesses as well as working with senior executives as both an internal and external coach. 

Tracy is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals be their best and achieve their goals. She believes passionately in the power of effective and active listening and in taking the time to pause and reflect, often a rarity in our fast-paced society. Over the years, she has witnessed many clients drive successful outcomes as a result of their coaching journey and the insights and actions derived from it.

She encourages her clients to drive sustainable change and concrete results by giving them the head space for reflection whilst providing an environment of trust, support and challenge. Tracy uses the GROW model, strengths based and narrative coaching styles amongst others, to navigate her clients through their ideals, realities, concerns and opportunities, framing their conclusions with actionable plans that drive results.

Tracy’s career has spanned a decade and a half managing commercial teams and client relationships in the travel and tourism and real estate sectors, and her considerable business acumen in this aspect helps her to add value to her coaching clients.

Tracy Dedman is an ICF trained and qualified coach with over 10 years of coaching experience.

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