Andy, Regional Operations Manager Hong Kong based

Andy was excited yet daunted as she exchanged a hedge fund role for a new job in the finance industry. As she prepared to start in her new role, a close friend suggested she may find coaching an effective way to establish herself successfully in her new position.  Although Andy had no prior knowledge or experience of coaching, she decided to try it, and came to the programme with an open mind and an eager attitude.

Andy’s primary goals and focus were to strengthen her leadership and communication skills, and to boost her confidence.

Supported by Tracy, she succeeded in overcoming her self-limiting beliefs, developing a strong personal leadership story, and creating specific, actionable plans that would convert into tangible results.

Through the course of sessions, Andy gained insight, clarity and deeper self-awareness.  Progressing month by month, she steadily evolved into a capable and respected leader who found herself approaching promotion and a new set of opportunities for the future.

Andy says:

“Coaching with Tracy was such a valuable experience for me. I’m not sure how I would’ve coped without the confidential sounding board, the honest ‘holding up a mirror’ style and the knowledge that whenever she challenged, she offered support alongside it.

 “Her previous corporate experience was invaluable too.  She always seemed to just ‘get it’ – and that made our sessions even more productive and inspiring.”