Carl – senior commercial manager Asia based

A regional manager for a large global organisation, Carl held a primarily commercial role.  At the time when he set out to make a significant change within his organisation, he sought out an independent coach who could act as his sounding board and offer broader insight that would ensure the change was a resounding success.

As a result, the changes he made proved to be an excellent move for this team, increasing their revenue and diversifying revenue streams across the geography. Within a year, went on to be promoted to a global role.

Carl says:

“For me, coaching was a series of incredibly liberating 121’s.  Each time we met, I left feeling 10x more focused and capable than at the start of the coaching session.

 “As my coach, Tracy was calm and reassuring, creating the space for me to structure my thoughts and build my confidence. Surprisingly, I often came to answer my own ‘what should I do?’ questions – no matter how daunting or scary they’d felt beforehand!

 “Tracy held me accountable in a friendly yet firm way, which has allowed me to achieve far more than I thought possible in a short space of time.  In summary, the coaching experience was just amazing!”