Fiona, Director Hong Kong based

Fiona was working as a senior executive in a government organisation. Having been successful in applying for a competitive professional development programme at work, focused on preparation for promotion, her line manager suggested that she might also benefit from some coaching.

Given that Fiona was an outstanding deliverer and consistently high performer, the key focus was in removing any remaining obstacles between her and a next level move.

From the outset Fiona was candid, open and committed and this allowed a rapport to emerge whereby big, difficult questions could be asked and explored, creating insightful moments and sustainable change. Tracy and Fiona worked together over the course of six months and later extended their engagement to add further sessions.

Fiona says:

“I worked with Tracy, alongside our internal development programme and found this to be truly transformational.  Tracy enabled me to identify the psychological barriers that I was putting in place, that were in turn denting my confidence.  Discussing the cause and effect of each one enabled me to move on, recognise my ability and self-worth, re-prioritise my personal objectives and regain my self-confidence.  Tracy is very good at seeing the bigger picture and at getting you to challenge yourself to come up with your own, workable solutions to a challenge.  I have gone on to recommend Tracy’s coaching services to other colleagues in my team, where she has continued to make a difference.  Investing in yourself is so important, but so easy to de-prioritise.  Investing in coaching has been one of the best developmental opportunities I have had and I cannot recommend Tracy enough.”