Gemma, Sales Manager Hong Kong based

Gemma was newly appointed as Sales Manager Hong Kong. She was new to Hong Kong and to such a leadership role. Whilst a little daunting for her initially, hence the investment by her manager in coaching, Gemma had bags of capability and was keen to get on with the task of learning to be an outstanding leader, manger and deliverer.

Together Gemma, Tracy and Gemma’s manager worked through their tri-partite objectives to draw a specific action plan and an extended coaching engagement, taking Gemma through her first year.

In the 2 years since Gemma started her role and began coaching in parallel, she has gone on to be the highest achiever in the team, develop her own team to be the best performing in the region and is always the first choice for deputy in her managers absence.

Gemma says:

“When I first knew I would receive coaching I was a little daunted and unsure of what to expect. Tracy suggested we meet to discuss my needs and see if we would be a good fit for each other. I was instantly at ease and could feel her ability to open my mind to other perspectives. It was such a confidence boost to learn I had the answers but just needed Tracy’s skills to teach me how to find them. The space the sessions created for me to focus on those key capabilities of good leadership have helped improve not only my personal efficiency but, through my enhanced leadership style, that of the teams I manage. Today I have come a long way thanks to the support of Tracy and I won’t hesitate to contact her again when my next challenge arises!”