Kate, Communications & Marketing Director Hong Kong based

A passionate advocate for coaching, Kate was fortunate to have benefited from coaching at key points in her 15+ year career in communications and marketing, but unsure where to find high-quality coaching in the Hong Kong market.

After nine months’ maternity leave to have her first child, and having seen colleagues struggle and lose confidence as they transitioned back to work, she wanted to find a trusted coach to help her manage her return to work – and she was thrilled to discover Tracy’s bespoke workplace maternity coaching.

Having always been a dedicated employee with a tendency to sacrifice personal time and work-life balance in order to achieve high quality and strong results at work, Kate felt afraid of how she’d manage her new family responsibilities, perform well at work, and avoid falling into the traps of stress and anxiety.

Over a series of sessions, Kate and Tracy brainstormed, stress-tested and refined approaches to set appropriate boundaries between work and family life, establish the priorities and parameters of Kate’s newly-created role at work, and manage complex relationships with new peers in the workplace.

Kate says:

“Having observed female colleagues juggle motherhood with career commitments for many years, I felt terrified about how I’d do it myself. 

 “But with Tracy’s support, my fears turned out to be unfounded.  Together, we identified ways to enable a smooth transition back to work.  Even more valuable, we diagnosed and explored ways to solve longstanding weaknesses that had been lingering over time – making me a stronger and happier consultant all-round.”