Mary, Manager Hong Kong based

As an outstanding team member, Mary was offered a short coaching engagement as it was identified by her manager that a few sessions with a coach could be of great benefit to helping bridge some behavioral gaps.

We primarily focused on Mary’s anxieties around public speaking and taking an extended maternity leave. Though only a short engagement, it was impactful due to quickly created environment of trust. Mary’s ability to be open and allow Tracy to ask the right questions quickly identified the main issues to focus on.

Mary says:

“Tracy is a wonderful and supportive coach. Tracy guided and encouraged me to look at things in a new way and offered meaningful solutions to my presentation skills and approach to work. I came away from my sessions with a much deeper insight about my work style and how I would react to other colleagues with varied work styles. I am more able to communicate under pressure and feel confident and prepared about the idea of returning to work because of the coaching I received from Tracy.”