Sara, Banking Executive Hong Kong based

As the end of Sara’s year-long maternity leave approached, she turned to workplace maternity coaching to help manage a successful transition back into her finance career.

Two key factors drove Sara’s uncertainty about her forthcoming return to work: the length of time she’d been away; and how she would manage the new three-day work week that she’d chosen to set up in order to spend more time with her young son.

To tackle these specific concerns, Sara worked with Tracy for a short and focused engagement that identified and explored success strategies for the return.

Together, Sara and Tracy worked on boundary setting, maintaining a strong presence despite reduced working hours, and defining work-life balance according to Sara’s new family commitments and responsibilities.

By exploring preconceived ideas and building awareness of her strengths, Sara developed an optimistic mindset, felt more in control, and experienced a significant confidence boost.

Sara says:

“I feel very fortunate that I was offered coaching during my transition back into the workplace after maternity leave. 

 “Returning to work was so tough in many ways, but thanks to my coaching, I was able to gain the confidence and insight I needed to carve out a new role, communicate effectively with my management team, and figure out ways to prioritise both my son and my work.

 “Tracy assisted me in identifying clear goals and helped me to keep them in my sights as we engaged on the key issues for me. 

 “We addressed these issues methodically, which helped me continue my path to greater success professionally whilst maintaining the right work-life balance to feel successful personally too.

 “All in all, my coaching was a truly invaluable tool!”