Will, Regional role, Asia Pacific Hong Kong based

Approaching the top of a highly successful career in retail banking, Will found himself asking fundamental questions about his focus and future.

Am I in the right role? Do I enjoy what I do? Could I be doing something else? Am I best suited for the role I am currently undertaking?

At his personal expense, he hired a coach to find the answers.

The starting point towards diagnosis was a series of structured assessment tools, which gave Will new insight into his situation, strengths and perspective.  Once this clarity was in place, Will and his coach Tracy tailored their sessions to focus on exploring his key questions and the work challenges he faced.

As a result of the coaching partnership, Will developed sharper clarity, stronger awareness of the personal drivers that motivated him, and an energised attitude towards his career.

The significant change in his attitude and approach helped Will to secure a major promotion – indicating the potential for coaching to transform both confidence and performance.

Will says:

“I enjoyed working with Tracy and the clarity she helped me to gain from the murkiest topics. I recall one specific session very clearly whereby I had to make an important choice between two very different options. When we began I had no clue what the answer was but in just over an hour I had found my own solution and I felt great about putting it in place. I couldn’t have achieved that on my own”