Beatrice, Senior Manager Hong Kong based

Beatrice was a manager returning to work from 6-months maternity leave in a professional services organisation. She was working with her line manager on a promotion plan and her line manager also suggested that she may benefit from some coaching.

Beatrice is consistently an ambitious high performer. The focus was to help her settle back in the workplace and strike a work-life balance while keep her on track in terms of her promotion plan. Beatrice was open and candid. She worked through Tracy’s difficult questions and stress-tested different scenarios in order to refine her leadership qualities.

Tracy and Beatrice worked together over the course of ten months and later extended their engagement to add further sessions. Beatrice secured her promotion at the end of the coaching engagement.

Beatrice says:

“I started the journey with Tracy as my maternity coach who has become a life coach really. She asked powerful questions yet always listened actively. She is very switched on to cultural differences and was humble to learn about different perspectives/experiences other than her own. This has been one of the watershed moments in my career – both from professional and personal growth perspectives.”

Beatrice is a senior Manager in a global professional services firm.