Beatrice, Senior Manager Hong Kong based

Beatrice was a manager returning to work from 6-months maternity leave in a professional services organisation. She was working with her line manager on a promotion plan and her line manager also suggested that she may benefit from some coaching. Beatrice is consistently an ambitious high performer. The focus was to help her settle back […]

Fiona, Director Hong Kong based

Fiona was working as a senior executive in a government organisation. Having been successful in applying for a competitive professional development programme at work, focused on preparation for promotion, her line manager suggested that she might also benefit from some coaching. Given that Fiona was an outstanding deliverer and consistently high performer, the key focus […]

Mary, Manager Hong Kong based

As an outstanding team member, Mary was offered a short coaching engagement as it was identified by her manager that a few sessions with a coach could be of great benefit to helping bridge some behavioral gaps. We primarily focused on Mary’s anxieties around public speaking and taking an extended maternity leave. Though only a […]

Gemma, Sales Manager Hong Kong based

Gemma was newly appointed as Sales Manager Hong Kong. She was new to Hong Kong and to such a leadership role. Whilst a little daunting for her initially, hence the investment by her manager in coaching, Gemma had bags of capability and was keen to get on with the task of learning to be an […]

Kate, Communications & Marketing Director Hong Kong based

A passionate advocate for coaching, Kate was fortunate to have benefited from coaching at key points in her 15+ year career in communications and marketing, but unsure where to find high-quality coaching in the Hong Kong market. After nine months’ maternity leave to have her first child, and having seen colleagues struggle and lose confidence […]

Will, Regional role, Asia Pacific Hong Kong based

Approaching the top of a highly successful career in retail banking, Will found himself asking fundamental questions about his focus and future. Am I in the right role? Do I enjoy what I do? Could I be doing something else? Am I best suited for the role I am currently undertaking? At his personal expense, […]

Sara, Banking Executive Hong Kong based

As the end of Sara’s year-long maternity leave approached, she turned to workplace maternity coaching to help manage a successful transition back into her finance career. Two key factors drove Sara’s uncertainty about her forthcoming return to work: the length of time she’d been away; and how she would manage the new three-day work week […]

Andy, Regional Operations Manager Hong Kong based

Andy was excited yet daunted as she exchanged a hedge fund role for a new job in the finance industry. As she prepared to start in her new role, a close friend suggested she may find coaching an effective way to establish herself successfully in her new position.  Although Andy had no prior knowledge or […]

John, Senior Global Manager London based

John was a seasoned veteran in his industry, well liked among both senior peers and team members, when he experienced coaching for the first time in this career. Having read and heard about the benefits of coaching, he set up a programme for his direct reports. He chose to lead by example in order to […]

Carl – senior commercial manager Asia based

A regional manager for a large global organisation, Carl held a primarily commercial role.  At the time when he set out to make a significant change within his organisation, he sought out an independent coach who could act as his sounding board and offer broader insight that would ensure the change was a resounding success. […]